Two Causes, One Heart

Inspire Foundation is an Australian registered charity with a passion for providing education and support to children in Australia​​​​ and Overseas.

Helping Youth Across Australia

Inspire foundation is committed to educating our children here in Australia.

We are on a mission to inspire our youth by facilitating programs designed for children entering school years 6 and 7 which is when they become leaders in primary school and are beginning their secondary education as we know this is a key stage of development.

  • We have carefully designed programs to build confidence, encourage team work, improve concentration, develop emotional intelligence, build resilience, and encourage coping skills.
  • Our aim is to increase happiness and reduce stress, depression and anxiety rates to reduce the increasing suicide rates of Australian youth.

Your help would allow us to deliver programs for young Australians that are aimed at reducing anxiety, stress and depression, and identifying emotions, building communication skills as well as developing effective decision-making skills.

Helping Youth Across The Globe

Inspire foundation is a committed to providing education for children in developing countries and serving communities in need.

Education is a basic human right and with over 70 million currently not in school, changing that fact is key to ending the cycle of poverty.

  • Childhood should be a happy time spent playing with friends, enjoying a favourite toy – even planning for the first day of school however, these children often can’t go to school because they need to work just to help their families survive.
  • Poverty alleviation is expected to make better progress in the next 50 years than it has in the past 50. As we understand more than ever the importance of education, it is a hand up rather than a hand out!

We need your help to break the cycle of poverty and change the future for these children and their communities. In later years their children will also benefit from your help because they then have the ability to provide for themselves.

The education crisis affects us all worldwide: it affects the global economy, it impacts on our own happiness and wellbeing (whether we like it or not) and will affect our own children and their children, unless we are willing to contribute.

Help us make an impact. Help us share the joy of sustainable giving and make giving a habit so that we can teach our youth to look out for each other, and support one another. Help our youth who are faced with the harsh reality of the modern world and the extreme poverty for our communities who are less fortunate.

How You Can Help Make A Difference

There are a number of ways that you can help us in supporting our greater community.


You can sponsor a child in Australia to attend our eQ youth 1 day workshop for $97.

We offer full scholarships to our 1 day workshop for children and families who are not in a financial position to attend the event. As we want to ensure everyone has access to education and support, many of our sponsors contribute by paying for scholarship positions.



You can also create meaningful change by supporting our Giving Program for $37 per month.

This allows us to continue our mission to give over 1 million givings both in Australia and overseas to help children in developing countries access education, shelter, clean drinking water and food. All donations are tax deductible.



Our amazing team of volunteers love helping our youth and their families, and we would love you to join our team!

Please email: [email protected] and include current Working With Children documentation.

Support a child's education today.

Meet our team

Peter Conna


Peter's passion has always been to help and serve the greater community, both in Australia and overseas. Since starting eQ events back in 2001, Peter has donated over $600,000 to the Make A Wish Foundation and he created Inspire Foundation so that we would be able to continue to help children all over the world have access to education, clean water, shelter and food so that they can go on to help others in their community and continue the work for years to come.

Helen Ambrose


With a family background of volunteering and support for worthy causes, Helen has carried on the tradition of service in her local community. Her volunteer experience in schools and local sports associations has reinforced her passion for the wellbeing and education of young people. Helen has always supported charities where there is a focus is on education and support for families both in Australia and overseas.

Inspire Foundation is an Australian registered charity with a passion for providing education and support to children in Australia and Overseas.


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